BSC Month Series: CoinTiger AMA Recap with HYPER

4 min readJun 11, 2021


Hyper Chain X Is a community driven project that is out of this world! Great design, graphics, marketing and gaming tournaments with other token communities on the “HYPER CHAIN X” platform.

Session1: QA with the Project representative

Q1. Could you please introduce HYPER briefly, sir? 👏👏👏

HYPER is a gaming token on the binance smartchain. We are working on gaming tournaments, game development and NFT’s. We collaborate with influencers and esporters. We also have big prizepools for our gaming tournament community.

Q2. Do Hyperchain have a dedicated team and structure to their workforce?

Yes, we have foundational team members who are specialised in their own fields. Our partnership with is also a big plus because of the knowledge they bring to the tabel.

Q3. What’s makes Hyperchain x different?

HyperChain X is different because we are transparant in everything we do. From marketing to gamedevelopment. On telegram you can ask us any questions as well since we active on there daily. We have a clear goal and the price of our token doesn’t influence our roadmap and development.

Q4.Where do Hyperchain x want to be in 1 year? Or any other time frame..

We see us grow to an international esports and gaming brand.

Q5. What esports competitions do Hyperchain want to target and why is this positive on the charts?

Some of the games we are doing now are warzone and fifa 21. These players that are in gaming may not be into crypto yet. So we try to get new holders through esports and gaming. This is an untapped market for crypto in the sense that we get new crypto holder who are not yet crypto buyers.

Session 2: Open Questions by the Community

Q1. What is the uniqueness of HYPER that cannot be found in other project that´s been released so far ?

We actually partner with different tokens and game against eachother in tournaments. This from a marketing perspective is very unique.

Q2. What influence do HYPER have in the crypto industry?

Because we partner with different tokens and their communities our outreach becomes bigger and bigger and new buyers will know who we are

Q3. On which countries are you focusing to expand and do marketing?

We are targeting Asia, Europe and North America at the moment. The gaming industrie is world wide as is crypto. Because most of our holders speak English the western countries are abviously primary. The Asian countries also love gaming very much and so this is the reason the Asian countries are also a priority.

Q4. How is HYPER protected from failures, so that everything works stably and correctly?

Our code is tested and autidited and works flawless. We have been working perfectly for more then two months already.

Q5. What inspired you to make this project?

We ourselves are gamers and also love to develop new apps. Crypto and Gaming as well as connecting different tokens/coins and their communities together is something we aspire to do. There are so much projects that don’t actually do anything and this where we are different.

Session 3: Multiple-Choice-Questions

The correct answers will be bolded

  1. What is token of HYPER?





2. What trading pair is available on CoinTiger?





3. On which blokchain is HYPER based?





4. Which one is the official twitter of HYPER?





5. What regions is HYPER currently focused on?




D.World Wide




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